Technical specifications

Axfil manufactures technical parts from blueprints, according to the technical specifications of its customers, in small, medium and large production series, with diameters from 0.12 mm to 6 mm.

Our experience and technical knowledge allow us to work in many business sectors, including furniture, motor vehicles, the medical industry, aeronautics, electronics and connector technology.


  • Our know-how allows us to manufacture different types of tip: conical, bullet shaped, long, short, fine, with different angles depending on your needs.
  • Pointing: fine tip (end of the tip = Ø 0.04mm ± 0.02mm)
  • Polished tips to guarantee the fineness of the tip
  • Arching on previously manufactured sections (chamfers, tips or rounded): ± 30º
  • Cold forming: on parts already pointed or over very long lengths
  • Chamfering: any angle ± 30’
  • Polishing: roughness from Ra <0.10µm

Our parts

  • Quenched needle
  • Fine tipped needle
  • Steel die grinder for piano wire SM/SH