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Since 1833 …

Louis Philippe was the King of France for only three years when, in 1833, Benjamin Bohin created a workshop for wooden items, fancy boxes, trinkets and toys right beside his house in Saint Sulpice Sur Risle.

In 1868, he decided to gather together several small workshops belonging to needles and pins craftsmen set up on the Risle riverside and modernized them. The river provided the power while tin plate, brass and steel wires were the raw materials used.

From 1889 :

In 1889, at the World Fair, his company, BOHIN Fils, was the only French representative of sewing needle manufacturers... this was highly encouraging …

In 1890, Benjamin BOHIN invented the first automatic machine for assembling of safety pins with a "point guard".

After the second world war, the company diversified once again its production by creating a range of metal items for the stationery and small metal parts for industry.

In 1997, Bohin becomes Bohin Industrie for the manufacture of precision wire components for all industries (car industry, medical, furniture, mechanics, music, tattoo, toys, textile, fishing, ...). Bohin Industrie exports 30% of its production to the 5 continents.

After 2000 :

In November 2001, Bohin Industrie is certified ISO 9002.

In October 2003, Bohin Industrie obtains the ISO 9001 certification, 2000 version.

In September 2007, Bohin Industrie has changed its name and has become Axfil and has moved to a new factory in l'Aigle.

End of 2011 Axfil exports more than 70% of his production. The 35 Axfil team's members work every day on developping the company for tomorrow.

Equipe Axfil
Usine historique Bohin St sulpice sur Risle
Usine historique Bohin St sulpice sur Risle
Diplôme Iso 9001
Nouvelle usine Axfil en construction fev 2007
Nouvelle usine Axfil
Axfil- ZI n°1 Secteur Est  - 61300 L'Aigle - FRANCE
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