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Axfil aims to satisfy its customers through the values ??of respect and transparency, in order to keep their trust. Our Quality / Environment approach has been at the heart of its operations for several years.

Quality :

ISO 9001 certification is our commitment to continuous improvement of the quality of our products throughout the production process and taking into account the expectations of all stakeholders.

Environment :

Control of the environmental aspects of its activities (management and waste reduction, wastewater treatment and compliance with legislation in force) represents our participation in environmental protection and sustainable development. (see management commitment)

Means of control :

To meet increasingly complex specifications, we have invested in efficient means of control adapted to our customers' requirements, especially two video dimensional inspection machines, several loupes and roughness meter.

outils de contrôle qualité
Contrôle qualité
  Iso 9001   Iso 9001
Contrôle qualité
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