Wire work from size ∅ 0.12mm

over 450 million shafts manufactured in 2018

Expertise & know-how

The company Axfil has forged its expertise and know-how over 180 years of history.

We manufacture precision metal-wire parts (needles, rods, pins, etc.) from blueprints, with increasingly complex and demanding technical specifications: straightening and cutting, pointing, chamfering, cold forming, stamping, bending, laser rounding, polishing, ultrasonic degreasing, etc.

Axfil works in tandem with your design and engineering department to develop projects from the prototype stage to serial production. Our mastery of the design and manufacturing processes allows us to meet the quality, quantity and lead-time expectations of our customers.

Application of our parts

Axfil’s main strength lies in the production of parts for a broad range of markets, from furniture to the medical industry, including aeronautics, connector technology, motor vehicles, and more, all of which share strict quality requirements.

This diversity has allowed Axfil to develop highly competitive technical know-how, often in partnership with our customers.

All sorts of people across the entire globe use our parts in their daily life. Our blued spring needles have even been blasted into space, thanks to astronaut Thomas Pesquet and his saxophone.