AXFIL has created an integral Quality and Environment management system which helps us fulfil our commitments with our customers under increasingly demanding conditions.
ISO 9001 certification is proof of our commitment to ongoing improvement in the quality of our products throughout the production process and of our consideration for the expectations of all the parties involved.

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ISO 9001 certification


Through this process, AXFIL undertakes to implement the necessary means to ensure the effectiveness of this system, with the following goals:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Ongoing performance improvements
  • Reinforcement of our quality culture
  • Consideration for the expectations of all the parties involved
  • Improvement of development quality and process robustness
  • Respect for legislation, regulations and requirements that apply to our activities
  • Risk prevention
  • Staff involvement and accountability at every level of the organisation

Inspection means

To meet increasingly complex technical specifications, we have invested in efficient inspection means that comply with our customers' requirements, including:

  • Two video machines for dimensional inspection,
  • Several binocular magnifiers,
  • A roughness meter,
  • A laser micrometer, etc.