Wire parts and metal strips

Connector systems and electronics

Axfil supplies manufacturers in the electronics sector with custom-made, precision-machined, repeatable parts. We help all our customers to develop their innovations, particularly those in energy management, electronics, and domestic and industrial electrical power distribution sectors.

We work with the main copper alloys with or without precoating, steels and stainless steels for retaining parts, and silver and aluminium for more specialised applications. We also offer silver, gold, tin, nickel and zinc plating through our network of partners.

Our modular production system can adapt to your needs, accommodating any non-standard parts (due to their geometry or material used), from small-scale production to large-sized batches in excess of 10 million parts per year. Our tooling costs are very competitive in relation to mass production machines used to make standard generic parts.

Working to customer specifications, our engineering and design team can help customers identify and optimise the product and/or process requirements in line with their objectives.

Drawing on our knowledge and expertise in forming and precision pointing, we can manufacture simple and complex parts in large-sized batches, meeting industry-specific requirements in terms of quality, safety, reliability, corrosion protection and logistics.

Work performed

  • Electrodes
  • Electric power transmission tracks
  • Non-standard battery connectors
  • Cable clamps, connectors, contact bridges
  • Contact rods
  • Press-fit spring contacts
  • Terminal blocks
  • Test probes, electrodes, electrical contact test pins
  • Connector parts
  • Custom-made connector locking clips

Examples of work

Assembly clip
Connector pins
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  • Straightening / Precision cutting
  • Simple and complex pointing, chamfering, hemispherical finishing in line with specifications
  • An array of precision bending
  • Cutting
  • Drawing
  • Stamping, piercing, knurling, cold heading
  • Tribofinishing, polishing, surface treatment, nickel-plating, tinning, anodisation, gold-plating, silver-plating, cataphoresis, thermal treatment, ultrasound cleaning