Wire parts and metal strips

Cars and transport

Axfil works with a variety of suppliers in the automotive, aeronautics and rail sectors, particularly in the production of interior and exterior equipment, upholstery, electronic and power connector systems, optics, batteries, tyres, mechanics, powertrains and power units.

Working to customer specifications, our engineering and design team can help customers identify and optimise the product and/or process requirements in line with their objectives. Our production method is a cheaper alternative to turning, but still delivers a high level of precision.

Drawing on our knowledge and expertise in forming and precision pointing, we can manufacture simple and complex parts in large-sized batches, meeting industry-specific requirements in terms of quality, safety, reliability, corrosion protection and logistics.

Work performed

  • Linear-motion shock absorber pistons
  • Opening pins: doors, bonnets, fuel or electric-charging flaps, glove compartment doors, retractable screens, door handles
  • Straight and curved inserts for plastic injected parts
  • Spring pins, shearing pins, rings for headrest support rods, fuel flaps, gearstick knobs, special clips, etc.
  • Housing centring pins in foundry or plastic injection
  • Pinion pins for window-opening mechanisms and activators
  • Connector systems and tracks for cable bundles, optics, BMS (Battery Management System)

Examples of work

Knurled pins
Stamped pins
Retaining Pins
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  • Straightening / Precision cutting
  • Simple and complex pointing, chamfering, hemispherical finishing in line with specifications
  • An array of precision bending
  • Cutting
  • Drawing
  • Stamping, piercing, knurling, cold heading
  • Tribofinishing, polishing, surface treatment, nickel-plating, tinning, anodisation, gold-plating, silver-plating, cataphoresis, thermal treatment, ultrasound cleaning