Wire parts and metal strips

Quality & Environment

Integrated Quality, Environmental and Social Responsibility Approach

For many years, AXFIL has relied on an integrated Quality and ESR (Environmental and Social Responsibility) management system to meet the commitments it makes to its customers, as part of an increasingly demanding process of continuous improvement to reduce our environmental footprint and improve our working conditions.

From the time we obtained our first certification in 2001 to the most recent developments with ISO9001:2015, ISO 9001 Certification has served as a guarantee of our commitment to constantly improve the quality of our products throughout the production process and of the consideration we give to the expectations of our customers and all parties concerned. The ISO 13485 certification process focuses particularly on the medical sector.

We have been working to reduce the environmental impact of our activities for many years now. We are also constantly striving to reduce our energy consumption, which is now 95% electric. This is why, in 2019, we made a concerted effort to set the highest standards for the company in terms of its energy efficiency and improving the working conditions of all employees.

All Axfil products are 100% recyclable. All of our waste water is treated by a specialised operator with no discharge into the public water system. 100% of our metal waste is also recycled.
In 2022, Axfil conducted a carbon assessment of its activities and established an integrated action plan to reduce its carbon footprint by 2030.

In addition to the automated controls performed in each process, operators regularly inspect their production lines to detect any deviations as quickly as possible. The Quality team is responsible for all final inspections prior to shipment to ensure the utmost level of quality. All of our laboratory control instruments, used regularly by our production operators, are calibrated to industry standards by independent COFRAC-accredited providers.

As a designated industrial partner in the L’Aigle region, under the Territoire d’Industrie development programme, Axfil is also committed to the development of the local community and is actively involved in promoting and supporting basic industrial training.

Our commitments

Through this approach, Axfil is committed to providing the necessary means to make this management system effective and to meet its objectives of:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continued improvement in our performance
  • Building up our quality culture
  • Considering the expectations of all parties concerned
  • Improving quality through the development and resilience of our processes
  • Complying with the law, regulations and all other requirements pertaining to its activities
  • Preventing risk in terms of Quality, the Environment and Working Conditions.
  • Employee involvement and accountability at all levels of the organisation

Our control procedures

To meet the increasing complexity of specifications, we have established a set of effective control procedures in line with our customers’ requirements, which include:

  • Two digital profile projectors, one of which is equipped with a servo chuck for three-dimensional control,
  • Two digital surface indicators,
  • Two laser micrometres,
  • Two binocular magnifiers per production sector and one set of Vision Engineering digital binoculars linked to our quality control network.

All of our control instruments, including portable equipment for production operators (digital callipers, micrometres, straightness gauges, inspection pin gauges, weighing scales, etc.), are calibrated to industry standards by independent COFRAC-accredited providers.