Wire parts and metal strips

Medical Equipment

Axfil manufactures parts in accordance with your specifications, in small, medium or large-sized batches for the medical and microbiology sector. Drawing on our knowledge and expertise in forming and pointing, we can manufacture simple and complex parts with the level of precision and hygiene needed for use in generic and specialised medical procedures.

We can machine all materials used in surgical procedures, including those for implant components.

Fields of application: ophthalmology, urology, cardiology, pneumology, angiology, oncology, gynaecology, neurosurgery, dentistry, veterinary medicine, analytical laboratories and biological sampling, etc.

Work performed

  • Surgical pins and nails
  • All forms of needles: probes, surgical, polished, nickel-plated, phynox, stainless steel and needles for ionisers
  • Stylets for cannulas, catheters, neurosurgery
  • Varicose vein hooks, cataract needles
  • Ophthalmic implant injectors
  • Swab rods, probe tips
  • Pincer, plunger and guide pins

Examples of work

Phynox injector wire
Dental probes
Medical needles
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  • Straightening / Precision cutting
  • Simple and complex pointing, chamfering, hemispherical finishing in line with specifications
  • An array of precision bending
  • Stamping, piercing
  • Polishing, surface treatment, ultrasound cleaning
  • Long-profile stylets (>1 metre)
  • 100% inspected in line with specifications