Wire parts and metal strips


Axfil is a historical supplier to makers of musical instruments (wind instruments and phonographs), from artisans to large manufacturers. With our expert industrial process, we can supply standard and custom-made parts that deliver precision, stability and repeatability, all mechanical characteristics that are highly valued by performers and music lovers of all categories. We are also valued for the visual quality of our blued watch hands, which even entered the stratosphere on the wrist of Thomas Pesquet!

We also cater to DIYers and lovers of the great outdoors. Our parts are used to equip a wide variety of sports equipment from cycling, climbing and skiing to hunting and sporting guns, as well as hooks for recreational fishing. We also make a variety of parts for portable power tools.

Work performed

  • Needles for wind instruments (saxophone, clarinet, etc.)
  • Needles for piano tuning
  • Phonograph needles
  • Tips for hooks
  • Rods, clips and pins for mechanical parts exposed to all weather conditions

Examples of work

Blued watch hands
Stainless steel inserts
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  • Straightening / Precision cutting
  • Simple and complex pointing, chamfering, hemispherical finishing in line with specifications
  • Precision bending
  • Stamping, piercing
  • Tribofinishing, polishing, bluing, surface treatment, nickel-plating, tinning, anodisation, gold-plating, silver-plating, cataphoresis, thermal treatment, ultrasound cleaning