Examples of AXFIL work

Assembly clip


Support for electrical conductors

Technical requirements

Bending, drawing, piercing and assembly of three different parts

This automatic connector, measuring 23.5 mm in length, is designed for assembly on an electronic card. It provides a quick connection, without the need for tools and with a non-return function, of four naked electrical wires lying side by side.

It comprises three assembled parts, two starting out as metal strips of steel (0.60 mm) and one of tin alloy (0.25 mm).

Several processes are implemented successively to produce this part in large-sized batches: precision cutting the outlines of the three parts (±0.02 mm), die forging/cutting the tip in the form of a pyramid, folding the two side wings (angle ±1°), drawing the connecting tabs and then assembling the three elements via mechanical crimping. The part is then ejected from the machine in its final, ready-to-use state.


Steel XC75 and Copper Alloy CuZn30


Connector systems and electronics