Examples of AXFIL work

Dye lapping tool


Needles used for dye lapping and polishing

Technical requirements

All wire manufacturers use wire-drawing dies.

An expert command of die angles is essential for delivering a high-quality end product and optimised output rates.

Axfil produces lapping tools in large-sized batches so that it can profile the dies with precision and repeatability. We start with extremely hard steel wire to make a tip with the utmost precision: fineness of tip <0.03 mm, angle precision of cone ±30’, tip/cylinder body concentricity >0.02 mm.

We have a very diverse set of clientele, from wire manufacturers specialising in rare wire materials and high-precision wire drawing, to tyre manufacturers, making steel wire that is inserted in the tyre structures of cars, trucks, tractors and works vehicles.


Piano wire (SM/SH/Grade II), Copper carbon steel