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Connector socket


Electronic connector socket

Technical requirements

This electronic connector socket is custom made using a beryllium copper strip with a thickness of 0.25 mm, for a customer specialising in aeronautics connector systems.

Our long experience and expertise in various manufacturing techniques and tooling design are essential for producing this type of cut and rolled part in large batches, in a stable and repetitive way and at a reasonable cost.

The first stage of manufacturing involves precision cutting the flat form to one hundredth of a millimetre (±0.01 mm), which is essential to ensure the success of all subsequent stages. The final form is obtained by deforming the part over a series of stages, until a perfect cylinder is produced with no folding.

The other challenge with this component is to ensure the spring effect of the end section by deforming the beryllium copper tabs repeatedly during large-scale production.


Beryllium Copper CuBe2


Connector systems and electronics